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  • Hello all,

    I was wondering if Silverlight apps are going to run Out Of Browser in WinRT?! Any information about that?



    Friday, October 19, 2012 7:09 AM

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  • Silverlight plugin is not supported on WinRT, but it is supported on Windows 8 Desktop mode. So it's Not just Silverlight, desktop apps are not going to run on WinRT either only metro style app will work on WinRT although WinRT does support x86 and ARM natively. WinRT has a different stack if you look at the architecture so unless your app is targeted for Surface, Silverlight app will continue to run on Surface Pro or Windows 8 in desktop mode.

    The following is a good article on Windows 8


    Saturday, October 20, 2012 9:11 PM
  • shreous Inc., thanks for your reply.

    I was searching for more detail on this topic and as far as I read what I found, I more and more get the impression of being WOA a kind of experiment. With Win8 in my eyes, Microsoft is trying to hold existing customers by offering Win8 Pro and trying to provide as much old fashioned technologies as possible. And Silverlight, as a browser plug-in technology is one of these old fashioned technologies. On the other hand, there is WOA and WOA is a kind of REALLY and maybe the ONLY PURE *touch first* OS experience.

    Concerning Silverlight as a plug-in technology for the web experience, I guess in the near future we will have the Microsoft version of the *two-kinds-of-web-experience*: A tablet experience, based on a WOA device, 100% plug-in free, powered by HTML5/JS and with the need to buy non HTML5/JS rich content as an app in the windows store. And on the other hand a (Win8 Pro) dektop experience, with all the old fashioned stuff and the *opporunity* to switch to a touch experience.

    But what does that mean from my developers perspective? My thoughts:

    If we want to provide a touch first experience for the consumer/end user, I guess Silverlight as a browser plug-in technology is dead (but still alive as the [currently only] technology to write apps for Windows Phone). We as Silverlight developers should create - if possible - our content using HTML5/JS or as an app sold in the Windows App Store. Content for the web should be written using HTML5/JS with a touch friendly UI.

    If we want to provide a desktop and touch experience for the consumer/end user, I guess we *could* use Silverlight, because it is supported by Win8 Pro/IE10, but the user needs to switch to desktop mode in order to consume Silverlight content, because Silverlight plug-in is only supported in desktop mode and IE10 running in desktop mode, respectively. But because the user may run Win8 on a touch device, we as Silverlight developers might be very well advised to build the web UI of our Silverlight content in 100% touch friendly manner.

    And what does that mean for Silverlight Out Of Browser?

    SL OOB provides functionality with a benefit beyond the web experience, in other words: An experience with a benefit in desktop use. So if I provide my SL web app with the OOB experience, I better make it a Win8/WOA app and sell it with the windows app store.


    I have to correct my thoughts on Silverlight and Windows Phone. Since WP8 is going to have a shared kernel with Win8 and native coding for WP8 is provided with the upcoming WP8 SDK, Silverlight is going to be dead in the near future concerning coding for Windows Phone (8), but not the skills on coding XAML.

    Sunday, October 21, 2012 11:22 AM