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  • Hi,

    I am having a heck of a time trying to get custom field lookup values using JSOM. I am able to get the entry id for the custom field value but when I try to call ltEntries.getById(entryId) or ltEntries.getByGuid(entryId) an empty object is returned.

    The LookupEntryCollection (ltEntries in my case) has all of the entries for the lookuptable and I am able to pull the each entry by calling ltEntries.getItemAtIndex() but I am not able to use getByGuid or getById. 

    Does anyone have any experience with pulling lookup values by ID with JSOM? If so, what am I doing wrong in the code below?

     // Declare a variable to store the published projects that exist
        // in the current context.
        var projects;
        var projContext;
        var customFields;
        var customFieldData = [];
        // Ensure that the PS.js file is loaded before your custom code runs.
        SP.SOD.executeOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(GetProjects, "PS.js");
        // Get the projects collection.
        function GetProjects() {
            // Initialize the current client context.
            var projContext = PS.ProjectContext.get_current();
            // Get the projects collection.
            projects = projContext.get_projects();
            lookupTables = projContext.get_lookupTables();
            // Register the request that you want to run on the server.
            // This call includes an optional "Include" parameter to request only the
            // Name, CreatedDate, and Id properties of the projects in the collection.
            projContext.load(projects, 'Include(Name, CreatedDate, Id, CustomFields, IncludeCustomFields, FieldValues)');
            // Run the request on the server.
            projContext.executeQueryAsync(onQuerySucceeded, onQueryFailed);
        function onQuerySucceeded(sender, args) {
            projContext = PS.ProjectContext.get_current();
            var lookupTable = lookupTables.getByGuid('16216553-dbea-4770-b7cd-5f565ebea160');
            var ltEntries = lookupTable.get_entries();
            projContext.executeQueryAsync(function () {
                var lookupEnumerator = ltEntries.getEnumerator();
                while (lookupEnumerator.moveNext())
                    var entry = lookupEnumerator.get_current();
                    projContext = PS.ProjectContext.get_current();
                    projContext.load(entry, "FullValue")
                projContext.executeQueryAsync(function () { 
            // Get the enumerator and iterate through the collection.
            var projectEnumerator = projects.getEnumerator();
            while (projectEnumerator.moveNext()) {
                var project = projectEnumerator.get_current();
                businessOrgFld = project.get_customFields().getByGuid("a2a72e91-2760-42b7-b20a-0f44f610d6c3");   
                // Create the row for the project's information.
                var row = tblProjects.insertRow();
                row.insertCell().innerText = project.get_name();
                row.insertCell().innerText = project.get_createdDate();
                row.insertCell().innerText = project.get_id();
                var fieldValues = project.get_includeCustomFields().get_fieldValues();
                var enumerator = project.get_customFields().getEnumerator();
                while (enumerator.moveNext()) {
                    var customField = enumerator.get_current();
                    if (customField.get_name() == "Business Organization") {
                        var entryId = fieldValues[customField.get_internalName()];
                        var lookupEntry = ltEntries.getById(entryId);
                        row.insertCell().innerText = lookupEntry.get_fullValue();
                } , onQueryFailed);
            }, onQueryFailed);
        function onQueryFailed(sender, args) {
            $get("spanMessage").innerText = 'Request failed: ' + args.get_message();

    Thursday, February 11, 2016 8:57 PM

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  • For this implementation, I get following error if the project list goes more than 20 items. I am using Project Online.

    Request failed: Too many projects: 65. You cannot load dependent objects for more than 20 projects. Use a filter to restrict your query

    Could you please advise, if you have any solutions for this.

    Thanks in advance.

    Jacob Michael

    Friday, April 14, 2017 2:35 AM