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    hello eveyr1,i am jus new to diect X programming.i have downloaded the new Sdk for Dx10 but it only has the documentation for C++,i need the documentation for C# for DirectX 10 sdk.(basically in order to understand directsound and Direct show).

    Secondly , i managed to play sound files but i cant figure  out recording and saving it into my hard disk. Similarly,i cant access my webcam.can somebody gimme small description on each of the topic especaily how to initiate and access webcam and thn save the video stream to harddisk.

    Waiting for u reply.Thanks in advance.




    Sunday, March 9, 2008 12:53 PM

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  • Hi djzaf,


    First of all check the games technologies forum (http://forums.xna.com), i am sure they will give you a better answer Smile


    In C# DirectX can be used via obsolete MDX (Managed DirectX) or the newer XNA Framework. This second way is the recommended way... in fact MDX is discontinued (MDX 1.1 is the later version, and there is a MDX 2.0 version that never will go out from beta stage).

    MDX 1.1 is DirectX 9 as XNA Framework. I think there is no official support for DirectX 10 under managed environments.


    The difference between both technologies is that MDX is "just a wrapper" for use DirectX in a managed environment, and XNA Framework is a full featured framework for creating games that uses DirectX. For use XNA you have to download the "Xna Game Studio", that integrates in Visual Studio 2005, allowing the creation of XNA based games.


    Hope this helps Wink

    Sunday, March 9, 2008 1:16 PM