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  • Julie Lerman shows how you can turn VS Code into a smart IDE for a variety of SQL Server databases—Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse—by taking advantage of the mssql extension.

    Read this article in the June 2017 issue of MSDN Magazine

    Thursday, June 1, 2017 6:08 PM

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  • "When using Windows and the super lightweight VS Code, it never felt right to open up SQL Server Management Studio..."

    Followed by many, many paragraphs on how to connect to SQL Server through the mssql extension. Sure SSMS is "big" but every dev I know has a pretty powerful machine. It just seems like a lot of work to do the same thing that SSMS already does. I'm all for options and this article is a great tutorial on using one of the many tools available to VS Code, but I don't understand why opening SSMS "never felt right."
    Tuesday, June 13, 2017 12:53 PM
  • Hey Daniel, If I'm on Windows, yes, I have all that stuff on my machine ..Visual studio, SSMS etc. But SSMS is overkill for so much. I used to use it exclusively and go back & forth from Visual Studio to SSMS and finally got comfortable using Visual Studio's built in data tools and realized they covered 90% of my needs. Now when I'm in VS Code, I like being able to just do something quick and dirty with out loading up SSMS. SSMS feels right for many reasons, but in this situation it feels TO ME like overkill. :)

    Julie Lerman, Author of Programming Entity Framework, MVP

    Wednesday, June 14, 2017 7:18 PM
  • really nice tool, and very lightweight!
    The intellisense here seems to work much faster and more predictable than what is in smss v17.

    But it would be nice with something to see the database structure also.
    Kinda new to this vscode, but the idea that you can just open an folder, and have all kind of stuff there is very nice.

    The story about projects in smss is kinda tragic, I have several times tried to create an project, but always pressing ctrl-n to have an new query window, and it's created outside the project, but here, in vscode, the folder is the project, simple, and easy.

    And, hm, it seems like it want to have the connectionprofiles in the settings.json for the user, not the settings.json in the project folder.
    I move them manually, and it works fine, but the extensions doesn't find them when trying to list and edit connectionprofiles.

    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 8:51 AM
  • Hey Asbjorn! I've missed another opportunity to travel to Norway and hang out with you. :( These are some great ideas you might want to bring up in the issues (more schema info, not just table by table, and project settings, not just user settings...that's really a good one!). The team is so eager to get feedback and ideas: https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode-mssql

    Julie Lerman, Author of Programming Entity Framework, MVP

    Thursday, June 29, 2017 6:03 PM
  • Hey folks. After writing this article, I was inspired to create a Pluralsight course about this tool. The first modules walk you through setting up a variety of SQL Servers (localdb, Azure SQL, SQL Server for Linux in a Docker container) and then uncovers every feature in the extension. Find it at bit.ly/PS_MSSQL. Ping me if you need a 30-day free trial!

    Julie Lerman, Author of Programming Entity Framework, MVP

    Friday, November 3, 2017 6:44 PM