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  • It is Dec. 20, 2012 and Windows 8 Pro Upgrade has been available for purchase since Oct. 26th.  I ran the Win8Pro Purchase/Compatibility Scan/Installer on a variety of my laptops and PCs that I was interested in upgrading.  Some had Win 7 Pro, Win 7 Ultimate, and WinXP-SP3.  Some were Core2Duos, some were older Centrinos, and a new Core i7.

    There were two gotchas for most of those systems: 1) NX Bit support, and 2) Microsoft Office 2003 Suite - INCOMPATIBILITY!!

    First, the NX bit support in the processor is a problem as I would love to load Windows 8 Pro on a lot of my older systems to speed them up and improve their function and capability - to heck with touch support, as I don't care about this feature on those older laptops. Too bad.  Hopefully Microsoft will create a Windows 8 Lite product for the older PCs and Laptops ... so Microsoft can entice EVERYONE to get on the same code base for a change.  Windows 8 has a ton of great features and improvements that could accrue to users on those older systems.

    Finally, Microsoft Office 2003 Suite!!!!!  This one is huge.  I have licenses for Office 2003 for those old systems, and even on my new systems ... as I happen to love Office 2003.  I have refused to pay the Microsoft Upgrade TAX on the newer versions of Office, especially since I don't need any of the new functions, capabilities, and troublesome new UI/Layout.  I don't need the clutterware they have built.  WELL - Windows 8 Pro doesn't support or even ALLOW MS Office 2003 on a Win 8 system!  It is INCOMPATIBLE!  What the heck is this?

    I have upgraded only one system to Win 8 Pro now.  And, I will not do anymore until this limitation is removed.  This is another $200 to $500 for Office 20XX Suite that I will have to spend just to use/move to Windows 8! I don't EVER remember this being done by Microsoft when releasing a new OS!! The Apps were always supported. Now they aren't!

    WAKE UP MICROSOFT! REMOVE THIS CRAZY LIMITATION ON WINDOWS 8 ACCEPTANCE! YOU ARE DOING THIS TO YOURSELVES.  I guess I will just have to consider using Libre/Open Office Suite, or even Google QuickOffice/Docs ... as you are forcing me to BUY something new to install and use Windows 8 Pro!  These are FREE.  I paid for my Office 2003 Suites on my systems.  Now you are invalidating those investments unilaterally.  Too bad.

    Does anyone else feel this way?

    Microsoft - please consider 1) Windows 8 Lite for older systems; and 2) Allowing MS Office 2003 Suite to work on Windows 8 Pro Upgrade!

    I look forward to your responses.

    - ToasterMSJ

    Friday, December 21, 2012 4:33 AM