Wrong names and missing characters in Croatia RRS feed

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  • We have an Enterprise BingMaps contract and we're using it to geocode and display geocded addresses in Croatia. However, we've noticed two big problems with Bing Maps coverage in Croatia:

    • Character "ć" is not correctly shown on the map, although this is inconsistent. Sometimes it is there, sometimes it is missing entirely (i.e. "Peruši" instead of "Perušić") and sometimes it is converted to "c" (i.e. "Kaniza Gospicka" should be "Kaniža Gospićka")
    • Some names are outdated (i.e. "Titova Korenica" should be "Korenica", "Srpsko polje" should be "Hrvatsko polje"). Please note that the examples given have been outdated for about 30 years (!!!) or so. 

    These mistakes produce serious mistake in our geocoding process, but also make our enterprise account unusable for government systems (for obvious reasons).

    Friday, February 28, 2020 1:20 PM


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  • Hi Dalibor,

    We would like to work with you directly on this issue as we do need the calling information to understand why you are getting inconsistent results.  Can you please provide the details of the calls, without your key, that are giving incorrect results versus the calls that produce the correct values?

    Note my initial thought is that you are ending up with an EN_US culture / region code which would convert to English spellings but I don't think that would remove a letter.

    Culture code definitions can be found here:

    To ensure the culture code is respected in the REST call you can add it as described here:



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    Friday, February 28, 2020 4:26 PM
  • Hi!

    Sorry for the inactivity, I was attending some other projects.

    Anyway, you are right about the culture code.

    These are the requests that returns wrong labeling:

    • "Titova Korenica" - named not used in about 30 years:,L&src=t&shading=hill&og=1045&n=z
    • "Peruši" (missing the ending "ć") in the top left:,L&src=t&shading=hill&og=1045&n=z

    And when I change the mkt parameter to hr, everything works ok ("Korenica" and "Perušić". It seems the mapping library used to fetch and display the tiles does not propagate culture parameter correctly and that's why this happens.

    BTW I don't think it's right to have these mistakes with the en-US culture setting as well. The names should display correctly no matter the culture setting. It's one thing to have them displayed in English or Croatian (and determined by the culture setting), but these names are simply wrong (and these are not the only examples). So someone who's building the mapping application for the entire world would have a problem with this. 

    Friday, July 24, 2020 5:38 AM
  • Hi Dalibor,

    We get these values from the base map provider. Does this same value appear on  If so, that is the best place to give feedback.  



    Friday, July 24, 2020 9:15 PM