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  • I am having some trouble using the states. First and foremost I don't understand why I cannot copy the state from either the Default transition or the Normal state to the other states shown within the Common States flyout of the States panel. This makes it extremely difficult to experiment since after I make some changes to the state of a button I am unable to return that state of the button to the way it started.

    Also, I would like to change the brush applied to a button in one particular state. However, this somehow makes changes (but not the same changes) to all of the other button states.

    This is maddening. Thanks for any help.

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    Just found the post regarding the inability to change brushes within the states.

    I would still like to know why I cannot copy the state from either the Default transition or the Normal state to the other states.

    Thursday, December 23, 2010 4:55 PM


  • Howdy,

    If I am reading your post correctly, it appears that you are slightly confused as to the job of the States panel in some respects, which is easy to do ;-)

    When you create a Button and modify its properties, that is effectively the base state. When you create new States, those new States have the same property settings as your base by default. So the usage is to get your button (or any element) into its default state first, then create a new one and modify its properties until you are happy. You can then select the base state and you should be back to where you started.

    You can right click on any of the new States and Copy them to a New State and then rename it or copy just the Property changes to a New State. This should let you take a copy of any State before you modify and then experiement with it.

    The default transition is a single default transition applied to all elements transitioning from one state to another, unless overridden by an individual state transition that you can add to each state individually.

    The Brushes are a pain but you can sometimes (not always I know) get creative with them, so for instance lets say that your base state background was a gradient and you want a change to solid color on a State change, you can make all the GradientStops the same color to pull off that effect etc. This doesnt help if you are working with resources though.



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