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  • Hi All

    Please read my query carefully and plz guide me ( i am not good in C#)

    I create a test project, simple following these steps


    Test ----- > New Test ---- >  Coded UI Test

    Popup Appear ---- > Select "Record actions, edit UI maps or add assertions" --- > Record my whole activity

    and generate a record method (Skypee_RecMethod)


    Now we see that in solution explorer we get a file UIMAP.uitest with sub (designer.cs and UIMAP.cs )

    now we run the test and test run successfully , we can also attached data value on this test ... to run test multiple time


    On Second approach i follow the same approach that you follow in your example


    create a folder in Solution Explorer and create UImaps


    Now I have some Query :


    1 - What is the Use of Coded UI test

    2 - What is the Use of Coded UI Maps

    3 -  I am not able to run the test because my uimaps is not connected with the CodedUItestMethod.cs file

    because if i follow the first approach then the method created automatically on codedUItestMethod1.cs file (this.UIMAP.Skypee_RecMethod();.)

    BUT when i follow second approach than i am not able to call the method which is created on desiner.cs file, because at that time compiler stuck due to Folder named (UI) then what will i have to do


    4 - when i run the test than test run successfully and when delete the UIMap.uitest file and create the new record , then on executing previous record test is run (while it has to be deleted)


    5- if test execution test successfully and this test execute on next day , than it is failed to execute (the project has no date validation)


    6 -  you create a multiple UIMaps and call in single CodedUItestmethod1.cs file , is there any condition that we are using a UImaps in more than one CodedUItestmethod1.cs file (plz tell me that condition)

    7 - In assertion what will we have to do , because i see the example of keller related to test a calculator application , in that keller marked assertion on field1 and field2 property [TEXT = ], but in all assertions i didn't find this property [TEXT] but application have a text control for input value

    i am really thanks , if you guide me for this  


    Piyush Sharma




    Piyush Sharma
    Thursday, July 28, 2011 7:32 AM