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  • If you have spent a considerable amount of time crafting a solution to a problem posted on these forums, please copy it over to TechNet Wiki.


    The main benefit is that your solution won't be lost in the noise of the forums, but saved for generations and read by many. Your time spent helping others is valuable, and we want to maximise the benefit of your contributions.


    If you are participating in the Recognition system, here on MSDN and TechNet, you will be amazed at how quickly you can start to get points from view milestones on your wiki articles.


    TechNet also has a daily blog where "Wiki-Ninjas" promote wiki activity, including a weekly awards blog, and a weekly interview with notable wiki contributors! This could easily be you winning awards and getting interviewed!


    Whether you're looking to make friends and contacts within the Microsoft community, further your career by showing your authority on a particular subject, or just give something back to the community, TechNet Wiki is the place you should be! 


    We very much hope you can take just a few minutes to copy your solution over to TechNet Wiki.

    If you're in a rush, just dump up what you have. There are wiki followers who may follow behind you and help tidy your post.

    If you want further advice on how to post a wiki article, or format a code block, check these links below:

    Wiki How to Contribute Content to TechNet Wiki

    Wiki How to Insert a Formatted Code Snippet and Code Block on TechNet Wiki

    TechNet Wiki: Getting Started

    Wiki: Code of Conduct


    Looking forward to seeing your contributions, and hoping to highlight your efforts in next week's Top Contributors Awards!!



    #PEJL Got a good solution? If you invest your time in coding an elegant/novel or large answer on these MSDN forums, why not copy it over to our beloved TechNet Wiki, for future generations to benefit from!

    Monday, May 20, 2013 9:38 AM