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  •  Hi all,

    I had never heard of Azure until last night when I found myself on their dashboard, I was immediately filled with suspicion and behaved badly.  I did not know how or why I was on a dashboard that I had no understanding of, it actually frightened me. Sounds lame and naive I know! I saw my name and university email in the top right corner and then I was being asked to pay $200 because my subscription had expired. I was robbed by a "friend" in October and I had just spent hours battling with my laptop and network as it has been compromised a few times now since October and I could hear him and his friends out in my street. I wanted to finish an assignment last night and was very frustrated. I am grateful for the help I have received and the way in which it has been delivered. 

    I do have a concern though, I had just renewed my yearly Office Business Subscription a few weeks before I started my university degree (had no idea it was given to uni students) so I currently have 2 accounts and 2 different email addresses. I was just given the option to sign into this forum with my business account and last night I saw my name and university account details on the dashboard. I don't know how my account details ended up there and I don't want to assume anything. Is there any security protocol in place for this type of situation? Has there been a two-step verification of my education account? Has it not happened yet, as my email was only recently used? Or am I completely off the track here?

    Thank you for your inclusive and constructive approach to problem-solving. My faith in humanity and my temperament have had a much-needed adjustment. 


    Friday, January 26, 2018 2:55 PM