forwarded emails the email header changes RRS feed

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  • On forwarded emails the email header changes to a different email header and email (body)


    Outlook 2007 SP2

    Windows 7

    I have a user experiencing this issue.

    When she - person A from her inbox folder forwards emails to her secretary - person B

    The results are:

    Person A’s sent box displays the forwarded email with

    - the incorrect header from a different email.

    - the body of the email is correct.

    - The attachments listed are the correct attachments that goes with the body of the email.

    - time Fri /2/11/2012

    The email header that’s replaced the forwarded email this original email and body can’t be found in persons A Sent folder. Although she did send the email and the recipient received the email, as the email was discussed between them.

    Persons B receives the forwarded email in inbox.

    The results are:

    The correct email header and body with correct forward times.

    The email body is the correct email forwarded

    If attachments included, the attachments listed are the attachments for the correct email.

    other information:

    Secretary has delegate access to users mailbox

    User has sent the email from her pc desktop, not from a blackberry device

    This doesn’t happen all the time. It appears to
    occur only on emails when the TO: contains 3 names ie first name middle name and surname. Not your standard first name and surname.

    The To: person isn’t in the users contact address book.

    Weve installed a 3rd party vendor addin - the function is to send and file. Therefore Im not sure if the 3rd party app is effecting the emails.  no one else has reported this problem.

    I know its very strange I don’t even know how to troubleshoot this – any ideas?

    many thanks


    Thursday, November 8, 2012 5:15 AM


  • i think some add-in is to blame, please disable all add-ins (beside ones from MIcrosoft) and try to reproduce issue.
    Thursday, November 8, 2012 8:06 AM