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  • Interesting. I wonder what is API which uses MS Project, because from it evth wotks fine. Guys from MCSFT know the answer?
    Wednesday, November 16, 2011 4:39 PM

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  • OK, here we are,


    Because original functions from WebSvcObjectLinkProvider do more than one expects of them, and guys from Microsoft keep quiet, I made a bypass. Ugly, but efficient.


    What is the case study which stand behind all this browl? Below is the description:

    -          I have a project in Procejc Server, in which is one task and one deliverable. I link them in MS Project 2010, and try to break the link by c# code.  This based on original functions didn’t work.

    Function looks as follow:


            Function: iDetachDeliverableFromTask

            version: 1.0.3

            function breaks link between task and deliverable. Function connects to Project Server 'Published' database and sets appropriate

            attributes in the tables.


                poProjectGuid: concerned project Guid

                poTaskGuid: concerned task Guid

                piDeliverableID: ID of item in Deliverables list

                poList: Deliverable's list Guid

             "Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=ProjectServer_Published;Integrated Security=True"


            public int iDetachDeliverableFromTask(Guid poProjectGuid, Guid poTaskGuid, int piDeliverableID, Guid poList)




                    using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(sSQL_PR_DB))




                        SqlCommand loCommand = new SqlCommand();

                        loCommand.Connection = connection;

                        loCommand.CommandText = "UPDATE WO1 set WOBJ_TYPE = 1, WOBJ_TASK_UID='00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' from [ProjectServer_Published].[dbo].[MSP_WEB_OBJECTS] INNER JOIN [ProjectServer_Published].[dbo].[MSP_WEB_OBJECT_LINKS] ON [ProjectServer_Published].[dbo].[MSP_WEB_OBJECT_LINKS].WOBJLINK_OBJECT1 = [ProjectServer_Published].[dbo].[MSP_WEB_OBJECTS].WOBJ_UID INNER JOIN [ProjectServer_Published].[dbo].[MSP_WEB_OBJECTS] AS WO1 ON [ProjectServer_Published].[dbo].[MSP_WEB_OBJECT_LINKS].WOBJLINK_OBJECT2 = WO1.WOBJ_UID WHERE [ProjectServer_Published].[dbo].[MSP_WEB_OBJECTS].WOBJ_TP_ID=" + piDeliverableID.ToString() + " AND [ProjectServer_Published].[dbo].[MSP_WEB_OBJECTS].WOBJ_LIST_NAME = '" + poList.ToString() + "' AND WO1.WOBJ_TASK_UID = '" + poTaskGuid.ToString() + "' AND WO1.WOBJ_TYPE = 2 ";

                        int liVar = loCommand.ExecuteNonQuery();

                        return 0;



                catch (Exception ex)


                    sErrorText = ex.Message;

                    return -1;





    I checked WebSvcObjectLinkProvider in 2 environments with the newest patches, so in my opinion this problem is actual.

    If You know different solution, I would be grateful for info:

    Thursday, November 17, 2011 8:32 AM