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  • I have developed an infopath form that I am struggling to get working properly.  Here is the flow:

    1. User generates request and uses a button to submit (button has rules: change status to processing, change view to processing, and submit through main data connection to sharepoint list, close form).

    2. Controller is notified via list alert that a new request has arrived, and clicks on "view ..." in alert email to view the request.

    3. Controller adds appropriate charging information and uses button to submit to manager for approval (button has rules: change status to approval, change view to approval, submit to main connection (list), submit via second connection (email) to manager, close form)

    4.  Manager review and approves or rejects with appropriate button (buttons have rules: change status to approved or rejected, change view to request, submit to main connection (list), submit via third (approve) or fourth (reject) connection (email) to requestor, close form)

    Here is where I am stuck:

    If global submit option is checked to allow users to submit (via rules), and close form is checked, then the form doesn't close when the controller submits it.  If I delete the global rule (trying to just use the different button rules), then the form won't close after the requestor hits submit.

    Any ideas? 

    Friday, March 6, 2015 2:19 AM


  • Figured it out.

    The conflict was not with multiple submits, but rather, the "change view" actions.  After removing those, the submit process worked and the windows closed appropriately.

    To compensate, I set "load rules" that determined which view to use (based on form status).  I don't understand why this created a conflict, but there you go ... that is is how I fixed it.

    Tuesday, March 10, 2015 6:01 PM