WEC2013 - Remote Debugging causes an Exception RRS feed

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  • We recently bring our i.MX53 BSP to WEC2013 and I start with some application debugging. I can connect and start the native Debugging, but constanly receive in the debug output (on the device) an exception message when I connect/disconnect via VS2012

    PID:0784000E TID:06480016 Exception 'Raised Exception' (0xe06d7363): Thread-Id=06480016(pth=c08c4000), Proc-Id=0784000e(pprc=c08bb000) 'msvsmon.exe', VM-active=0784000e(pprc=c08bb000) 'msvsmon.exe'
    PID:0784000E TID:06480016 PC=4004f783(coredll.dll+0x0003f783) RA=8021aa17(kernel.dll+0x00006a17) SP=0090e6e0, BVA=0090e788

    Sometimes (not in all cases) VS2012 hang up, not sure if something in our BSP porting is still wrong.

    Does anybody else came accross similar problems on a ARM based solution under WEC2013 ?

    Friday, January 10, 2014 11:28 AM

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