Will Lightswitch get modern UI options in 2015 or 2016? RRS feed

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  • Will Lightswitch get a fully functional modern UI such as the .Net/XAML Universal App? I have no interest in JavaScript, Silverlight or these HTML Lightswitch apps that rely on Javascript it. I'm wondering if there will be a path forward for those of us who aren't interested in the JavaScript path and need a fully functional / robust UI.
    Sunday, September 13, 2015 1:00 AM


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  • Hi Berney Villers,

    Thanks for your attention with LightSwitch and thank you for providing new idea to LightSwitch, which will benefit to the development of LightSwitch. I suggest you post your idea to Visual Studio User Voice.
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    Tuesday, September 15, 2015 8:45 AM
  • There is no active current development on LS from MS. At least to mention Silverlight is dead. Or there will be any action on new idea's, debugging or new stuff that option is very low at the moment how will tell.


    Wednesday, September 16, 2015 7:59 AM
  • I was afraid of that. As a small manufacturing/retail business owner (we make full motion racing simulators) that spent 15yrs of my early career in IT, it's evident to me that somehow despite all the investments and steps that Microsoft is making in the right direction that you are still dubiously out of touch with the real world. My primary development skills are XAML/.Net/SQL. I'm a jack of all trades as my station in life dictates, I am not a Redmond qualified developer but I'm reasonably competent having written a few software packages that have a few thousand users.  My goal is to rapidly solve real world business problems by rapidly building a business management system that meets our needs and ticks all the boxes for scalability, flexibility, longevity, etc..

    Were my skills not Microsoft based I wouldn't need to build anything as there are dozens of robust, well integrated CRM/ERP/MRP/Customer service/Ticket systems available in the world of MySQL,Postgres,Linux,Java. Further, in that ecosystem there are dozens of rapid line of business application development tools along the lines of LightSwitch but even more robust as they include reporting capability.

    I initially thought Azure might be my answer but I recently spent some time to follow a few tutorials on how to create an Azure App service API that utilizes Entity Framework 6, Web API 2, Swagger and Swashbuckle against an existing SQL Azure database. I was disappointed to discover that it's a bit of a kludge. Given all the hype I had higher expectations.  Microsoft Access with it's SQL Azure databases provides a more consistent, well thought out and most importantly in my case RAPID design experience. I brought two existing tables in the Azure project's model, then added EF controllers. It compiles, swagger presented it's nice little UI but when I tested my service I discovered that it isn't even smart enough to do the right things with table relationships and foreign keys by default! This is the kind of poor experience I would expect from open source, not Microsoft. 

    It occurred to me that this is sounding like a rant so I'll stop here. Should a Microsoft employee come across this post please don't take this as a rant but rather as utter disappointment and dismay that I spent 15yrs of my life as a consultant implementing Microsoft technologies, servers, infrastructure, etc. and now find that Microsoft has not enabled me via technology to "do more". Had I got on the LAMP bandwagon some years back I would presently be able to make use of non Microsoft technologies and rapidly solve my real world business system needs. In my world, they're "doing more".

    Please consider that the world doesn't consist of Microsoft partners and consultants. I sincerely encourage all Microsoft employees to get out of the Redmond cocoon and spend a few days in the life of those using your products to solve real world business problems. I will personally host any Microsoft employee who has any involvement with development tools or Azure or LOB apps. I'll even let you drive the racing simulators :)

    Thursday, October 1, 2015 5:28 AM