Top 3 Benefits of Pillow Box Packaging RRS feed

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  • As the competition is rising, businesses are looking for new ways to catch the consumer’s attention. When it comes to product selling its marketing isn’t limited to any conventional advertisement. Marketers aren’t missing out on any opportunity to come on top of the competition.

    Hence, the packaging is designed to serve dual purposes. The basic one is the protection of the product and then comes the secondary purpose of marketing. Unique pillow pack packaging without any doubt catches consumer attention at first glance.

    The use of pillow boxes is increasing rapidly due to its appealing design and convenience to be used for both small and large products.

    Economic Benefits

    The first and foremost benefit of kraft pillow boxes is the economic benefit. The material that is best for pillow boxes is kraft paper. As it is cheap and durable, it fits best for such purpose.

    Both kraft and corrugated pillow boxes are eco-friendly and light-weight, which gives another economic reason for transportation. They are easy to carry, as well. Another great thing about these materials is that you can print or even emboss various designs of your choice without any issue.

    Furthermore, kraft takes less material as it is light and flexible. Hence, it is ideal for small items like jewellery and stationery. Pillow gift boxes are perfect for such purposes as you don’t have to open multiple layers to get the product out. Such functionality also cuts down the packaging cost.

    Ready to use

    Pillow boxes are being used for various purposes. However, the most common use of them is the merchandised packaging, gift packaging, or for any other special product. A unique feature of pillow box packaging is that it is ready to use and easy anyone can assemble it easily. You can easily turn any box into pillow box packaging. Moreover, you can make the front, back, and side closures as well.


    Pillow boxes are exceptionally easy to customize according to the size of the product. However, you can also add aesthetics to the packaging by getting it printed with the desired logo or quote. Adding a colour scheme to represent your brand would be an icing on the cake.

    There are tons of options for you to add, you can also order die-cut pillow boxes with small windows to give a glance of the product placed inside. To get one step ahead of the market, companies are using pillow boxes for the betterment of the economy and variety of usage.


    Pillow pack packaging is gaining popularity with every passing day due to its usability and reasons stated above. As pillow boxes are one of the latest arrivals in the work of marketing, getting hands-on them as soon as possible would leverage any marketer. Due to their low cost and unique design, they are going to uphold a big part of the packaging industry shortly. You can search for pillow boxes uk to get wholesale order in the whole United Kingdom.


    Monday, August 10, 2020 7:43 AM