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  • I have a simple List with 5 columns

    title, approver1, approver2, status (defaults to new) ,lastapproval (choice = hold,approve,reject) ,lastapprover

    the three approver columns are people columns.

    I have simple custom workflow that checks and sets the status, lastapprover and lastapproval columns in effort to take the user through multiple approvals in order.

    I don't want my users to have to stop, start or restart workflows.. or even know there is a workflow. When it's time to approve, they will get email to a custom pages with just the title and lastapproval column. It was confusing when we tried to use collect data feature from workflow in that you get a complete button that completes the workflow. We would like to decide when a workflow should be complete in the workflow logic...and it's not clear how to do that.

    Two dumb questions.. I noticed my workflow goes to complete even when I never told it to, is that becuase it reached the end of the workflow step? Is there a way to set your workflow to in progress in the workflow condition?

    The idea I have.. Users will only know about 3 custom pages.. Add new entry, View Status and Approve.  The view status page will show the status of all entries. I understand what I'm doing might be circumventing the way a workflow approval process should work. 

    Thank You

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