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    I have an ASP.NET 3.5 application that has been designed from to be multi-language. It uses resource files to handle translations and you can add new themes & skins if you need to.

    So far we've been using English (UK) but a requirement is to translate text for Captions and dropdowns etc to Chinese - I don't know what dialect yet.

    I have no experience with any Chinese dialects.

    What considerations should I take into account during the design phase? 

    Will I need to install new font packs to support a particular Chinese dialect? Will they auto-install?

    What other gotchas might I encounter when porting?

     In a nutshell, this is what I think I need to do, please let me know if there's any issues staring you in the face Laughing:

    1. All "Literal" controls on ASP.NET page to have text translated to Chinese (meta:resourcekey is set for them)

    2. ValidatorControl ErrorMessage properties to have text translated (meta:resourcekey is set for them)

    3. AJAX Toolkit controls (e.g. MaskedEditValidator) to have text ad ErrorMessage properties translated (meta:resourcekey is set for them, but do they use it, one wonders?)

    4. Standing (static) data in database used to populate dropdowns, to be translated also   (job for DBA)

    5. Set CurrentCulture and UICulture properties for page to pick appropriate dialect of Chinese

    6. Number input stays the same as it was (UK way, 2 decimal places on currency etc).

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    Hi tunstals,

    There are several things that could be considered:

    1, add below key in web.config file

    <globalization requestEncoding="utf-8" responseEncoding="utf-8" />


    2, you can use the 'General Local Resource' in Tool menu to generate resource file and type values for each resources

    more details about how to Create Resource Files for ASP.NET Web Sites, please refer:

    3, about culture information. please refer:

     zh-CHS represents Simplified Chinese, the form of written Chinese used by the mainland. zh-CHT represents Traditional Chinese, used by Hong Kong and Taiwan. There is no culture with the name of just zh to represent Chinese in general. I learned this the hard way when attempting to simplify the names of my Resource files (.resx files) so that they did not represent a specific culture and tried to use just zh for my Simplified Chinese, which needless to say did not work.


    hope this helps, thanks.

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