I bought Visual Studio 6 and Visual C++ 6 from ebay whats the license i have?


  • Hello i want to make a question first i want to report to the .net team that they are doing a terrible work at .net and the visual studio goes slower and slower that i was so mad i had to move back to the old style Visual Studio 6 am sorry .net has no future what so ever no matter how hard you try to boost it... Most great software like Macromedia Director and others have been compiled with VIsual studio 6 and even the Major Developer of Microsoft who is making Administrator tools he is compiling his tools with Visual Studio 6 but for some reason Microsoft dropped the support as if it is not used while most customers use it and love it.  I never agreed to the .net road i love the native hard core C++ direct access to the hardware that seems to be fading... 

    Well that was an introduction and now here comes the question i want to develop software with Microsoft windows but i hate .net what options do i have ? Microsoft has only one option Visual Studio 6 and for some reason they removed it from the MSDN thus no reason for me to buy an MSDN isnt it?  So what i did because Microsoft refused to sell to me a Visual Studio 6 i went and i bought it from Ebay i try to find answers from Microsoft but no one seems to want to help for some reason Microsoft does not like Visual studio 6 because you want to boost the .net what about the people who love to be compatible with all versions of windows ? why Microsoft does not thing those people?  Its obvious the Marketing and sales but what about quality and tolerance Oh we dont care right we want to force the customers make an unpgrade to what to something better or wrost ?   Anyhow   Please help with this I have a Visual C++ 6 Enterprice part no  562-00145 this part number is registered as

    MS Visual C++ Enterprise Edition - ( v. 6.0 ) - complete package - 1 user - STD - CD

    verified on this site that holds the part numbers

    I never understood how those Boxed retails work in terms of licensing i know that license is a paper from Microsoft that states that you have the right to use the software it can be electronic as well it seems.  That box was new as new with factory sealed and when i opened it i did not find any EULA agreement maybe because the Part No already has the license registered i dont know but the EULA is idd in the CD when i try to install it it asks me to accept the EULA ... so far so good what about the number of seats ?  how many computers am i allowed to use it based on the Part Number its a 1 User ... But where is the License ? I mean the license is the Electronic agreement ?  where is it ?  do i have to call microsoft to ask a license or am already licensed as long as i have this retail box?  In the new Visual Studios Microsoft has inside an EULA as well its a printed paper license tho it is also inside the CD as electronic and people need to accept the EULA to install the software so the Paper EULA is not the same as the electronic EULA ?  I dont know if some one knows please tell me... Before you answer that Microsoft does not support Visual Studio 6  i will tell you you are wrong the court decision is VOID and Microsoft can pay a huge penalty with what her lawyers did ...  Visual Studio 6 remains a product of Microsoft they just dont sell it nor provide download but that does not mean it can not be licensed because this product existed on the market and the .net studios are not a replacement for this because they are not the same.  Why Microsoft hates Visual Studio 6 so much ?  i assume it is most economic and marketing because the developers do not pay that much isnt it?  why Microsoft does not develop a non .net visual studio like 7 8 etc instead they made a .net that it is way worst than the 6.  Even today people use Visual Basic they hate the .net version.  People used Visual Basic because it was so simple they did not want to mess with C++ .net made it more complicate for them...   Anyhow please some one can tell me what license do i have and if Microsoft can provide me with a Written license so i can be covered and start develop my Windows Software on NON .NET COMPILERS ?    Thank you 

    Wednesday, May 11, 2016 1:17 PM

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  • First am happy that you do not work for Microsoft and this is not the formal response by Microsoft because if it was... i would say to you that Microsoft has to maintain the licenses as long as of 70years because she made an agreement with the state she registered her Software and made it public available.   The reason of registration means to prevent copyright that also means that people should be able to get a license within those 70 years at least and then it becomes free to the public ... A so called patent is there to help the society 1rst and not the individual else the individual does not need to make a patent and register it he can hold it as a secret and never publish it the idea of Publishing it and registering it is so people can have access to it and benefit from it and honoring the creator like Microsoft for providing to them such a patent that will aid them to their own creative work.   Having said that the Microsoft Lawyers are in BAD luck.  The moment i request a license Microsoft has to give me a Licence since am a Legal Citizen and i have all the rights as anyone else ... Microsoft can not discriminate between old and new nor can end the license because it has made an agreement it has committed to an agreement with the state the state is the people the society  Microsoft does not operate by its own but within a society within a Country and thus it also has to follow the rules and regulations of the state.    I already have the Software a retail Box and its a Full Product the EULA is inside the CD ROMS before installing asks to accept the EULA. People who had MSDN Subscription had the ability to Download the Visual Studio 6 and had the so called perpetual rights even if the software was removed Microsoft can not Change the license terms nor the Copyright law Dynamic this is not a Programming language this is the LAW thus Microsoft can not deny to provide a COPY of a LICENSE to anyone who might ask for it.  As i Said i own a Retail BOX based on the part Number and all i ask is a COPY of the License I can even Print it out of the CD ROM but it would have been nice if Microsoft does that while also they can investigate the copy of my product and verify that it is a legit copy and not fake.   Thus I do not know why you are so ignorant giving me such a response. 
    Thursday, May 12, 2016 7:18 AM
  • I was talking with a Microsoft Champion and this is what he told me about the Subject I am posting it and making it public available and i expect and official response from Microsoft to this Matter i am 100% Right in the legal terms and I know that Microsoft wants to hide those information so people wont use the Visual Studio 6 or non .net software...  It reminds me the story with Macromedia that Adobe bought it and not Adobe does not sell the Old Micromedia Software i wonder why maybe its Marketing  while Microsfot and Adobe might be thinking the Money i look at how i can provide my customers with quality service and not with low non energy efficient .net products that add up layers above the hardware and make it slower to run and we all see the out come Visual studio .net a terrible software that Runs slow its takes ages to compile a code and the end output is also as you did it in Open Source and you need to buy expensive 3rd party software to protect your work while the Classic Visual Studio 6 compiles the code at Machine code directly.    Below i paste the response from a Microsoft Champion and i wait Microsoft to respond ... I am challenging even the top Level of manager in Microsoft bring all your lawyers and prove to me that am wrong and you are right... Judgement upon Microsoft has started.  

    Ken - SAID 

    Ken Marlin
    Microsoft MVP / Technical Consultant Manager
    Embedded Software & Services Group
    Avnet Embedded
    2211 S. 47th Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85034

    Not even sure what you mean by “Tracked”… I don’t recall saying they can’t be tracked because they most certainly can but it also depends on the license program.  Retail products the license is the physical package – if you have the physical package then you have the license.
    Volume licenses are tracked in the Microsoft VLSC website and are tied directly to companies and cannot be transferred.

    Looks like you purchase the retail package with CD – Compact Disk.  The key will have been used of course but you can still load it and use it.
    You are legal as long as you have the full package.
    Most software products the EULA is electronic and is something you agree when you install the software

    Thursday, May 12, 2016 7:37 AM
  • Hi ManSpyr,

    Thanks for your feedback, but Microsoft really doesn't support this product now, for the license issue, it also has his own supported method. We don't provide the license as the forum support engineers.

    As this forum's moderate, it is really hard for me to resolve the VS 6.0 license issue, but I could provide you a path for this issue.

    (1) As far as I know, if Microsoft gives a third party site/company enough permission to sell the VS product, the third party site/company would provide the license, so my first suggestion is that you would contact with the company or site where you buy it. Maybe they forget to provide the license or others.

    (2)Since the question is a license issue, you can call 1-800-426-9400, Monday through Friday, 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Pacific Time) to speak directly to a Microsoft licensing specialist, and you can get more detail information from there. You can also visit the following site for more information and support on licensing issues:

    But if the license team really doesn't provide the old VS 6.0 license, I also have no good suggestion, step 1 is the idea I could think of now.

    Thanks for your feedback again.



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    Thursday, May 12, 2016 7:55 AM
  • as of the Life Cycle of Visual Studio 6 it is alive inside Microsoft it seems Most Administrator Tools for Windows 10 are compiled with Visual Studio 6.  Mark Eugene Russinovich  the man who is responsible for the Windows Kernels is providing administrator tools for windows 10 and He is using Visual Studio 6 to produce them while Microsoft lies to the developers that Visual Studio 6 is not used why Microsoft does not start from her own developers before asking others to change ?  The Reason Mark uses Visual Studio 6 is because he wants to provide compatibility with older platforms of windows he does not want to make one executable for each platform of windows like windows xp windows vista windows 7 windows 10 and this is more reasonable todo such doing so with .net would also be impossible people would have to download .net 1 2 3 4 5 what ever ...  Simplicity wins ... .Net was developed by the people who created Delphi Delphi was the competitive IDE for Visual Studio and it was dominating not even Visual Basic was able to go against Delphi today Microsoft fights to win the race for the development IDE and she uses restrictions to others just so she can maintain the advantage while this is also nasty it tells us what is happening.   We all agree that .net is not the best to make an application Free Pascal Lazarus is a way better IDE and creates applications that are ONE EXECUTABLE no .net 1 2 3 4 5....   Microsoft with .net is getting siick and ill and is heading the wrong way we already see people developing windows XP clones just because Microsoft is fighting the people who have spend hours and time to Master the Win32 APIs instead of Microsoft supporting those people she wants them to change while this is impossible because people who used both can see that one is Faster than the other.  The way Microsoft behaves is like a small child that does not know what it wants and the reason this is happening is because there is LACK OF LEADERSHIP... BILL GATES WAS A LEADER he gave us windows as we know them today HARD CORE C  lover.  I understand Microsoft has spend time on .net but the way they do it is wrong.  It lacks to many things and most important is speed.  The developers of .net are the Developers who made Borland Delphi and Borland C++ the best compilers existed so far so they are worthy people but that does not mean that they do everything correct.  .Net is updating because they try to catch up the native Win32 capabilities this will take them long time before its complete it might take like 20 years Microsoft introduced windows in 1990 it was the version 3 that was on top of DOS operating system i remember it because i was programming in DOS mode today in 2000 we all see how it evolved 10 years evolution .net was introduced in 1999 with the first version of .net 2002 that many people had problems with it.   That day was a crisis day because Microsoft caused a Split to the company Borland because Microsoft approached secretly the developers at Borland and that had as a Result Borland to stop its existence as it is.  Today Borland Products are owned by another company Embarcadero and although they make an amazing job their products are too expensive Microsoft also follows their policy making Visual Studio TOO EXpENSIVE at least the MSDN one while the Pro is in a reasonable price but it sucks alone if there is no choice to go backwards people should be able to compile their code for backwards compatibility and there is many reasons ... for example they might want to support OPEN SOURCE products like WINE or even ReactOS a Windows XP clone .  ReactOS is not an enemy of Windows but a friend It would be wise that if Microsoft Buys that OS and maintains it as an OPEN SOURCE WindowsXP people will have no option but to buy its license when they want to use it for retail production etc.  Open Source means people will improve it and will help it to become better Microsoft remains Closed source while they could have an OPEN SOURCE version Open Source means there is nothing to hide and it also make people have more Trust as they will be able to compile the Operating system themselves and even fix Bugs and submit them to Microsoft to fix.  Microsoft is heading the wrong way keeping all that secrecy ... .Net is most a Microsoft Platform dependent rather than a Independent ... For an Individual developer who wants to have as much less licensing and requirements for his clients Microsoft does not provide such tools .  It asks people to download the so called Visual C++ 9 10 11 12   etc redistributables in other words even a simplest program requires too many DLLs and downloads this is insane ... Drivers development is also a mess people are not able to make Drivers with 3rd party tools .... Firewall products that work in Windows XP do not work in Windows 7 or that work in 7 do not work in Windows 10 and this is a madness to the whole thing people just get mad with all that and it wont have a good end for Microsoft ... 

    Thursday, May 12, 2016 8:31 AM
  • I  Bought it from EBAY as the title states and i do not know if Ebay is authorised from Microsoft to sell its products but this is not something i should be aware but Microsoft isnt it?  I bought it because i had the option todo so if that is not Legal in USA i do not know i am GREEK and i live in GREECE and i do not have access to such software My Country is in Capital control thanks to the US and EU Government The only option i had was EBAY I have contact the Microsoft Champion and he told me that he is authorised US only thus again i was not able to buy a license because I AM GREEK maybe the TPP agreement is something good after all isnt it.   There is a world outside USA the world is NOT USA only.   I Called the greek department and they do not support Developers only windows operating system because they are all IMBA and they have no CLUE WhAT SO EVER what is Programming all they know is that they can click buttons and get their things done automatically they dont care who is creating those automations and they dont even appreciate their work  because they believe they can just steal it.   As i SAID O BOUGHT RETAIL BOXES thus there is some kind of a License there i know that But i want to inform MICROSOFT about that and so to register me or to give me some sort of a paper that they have been informed and this is thus.  In other words if i BUUILD MY SOFTWARE in NON .NET i dont want Microsoft to come bull me why i did not used their SLOW terrible .net ... More over what about those software are they legal or not I BOUGHT ONE WHAT THAT MAKES ME ILLEGAL this is a valid Sale the product Number is there But I need to verify that With Microsoft this has nothing todo with SUPPORT its a software that Microsoft has made and we want to check the license Microsoft provides support for its products for NON Licensing issued with Problems like BUGS INSTALLATIONS updates etc.  What i ask is not a SUPPORT but a Registration Some people are MSDN Subscriber some are not Microsoft refused to provide me information about been able to use Older compilers if I purchase an MSDN Subscription thus i was forced to run to the solution to buy Software from EBAY to license myself.   The Process of Licensing is not Self contained ... Microsoft By Refusing provide any help to resolve the problem agrees with me that i can build software with Visual Studio 6 because they dont care My Software wont be illegal because i have made an attempt to approach Microsoft and they where ignoring me ... Under the Court of LAW that means that i AM RIGHt and they are wrong that i am innocent ... Those who violate the law in our case is not me But Microsoft by denying to service me or provide me with a written permit that this is thus Leaving it open in case i do something of greatness and this is even worst this shows that Microsoft acts dangerously ... You understand the problem.  Microsoft has taken Money out of government they have taken Jobs and they provide the state with their systems because of that i am also forced to support Microsoft systems but not the way Microsoft wants but the way i WANT and that means i do nto want to use .net products what so ever.   .net is just something else  respectful but the best for me. 
    Thursday, May 12, 2016 2:47 PM
  • If you do know who sells Licenses For Visual Studio 6 and the relevant products like VC++ 6 please let me know
    Thursday, May 12, 2016 2:49 PM
  • Hi ManSpyr,

    As Jack suggested, for license issue, please call 1-800-426-9400, Monday through Friday, 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Pacific Time) to speak directly to a Microsoft licensing specialist, and you can get more detail information from there.

    In our forum, we often discuss Visual Studio usage problem, for example WPF/SL Designer, Visual Studio Guidance Automation Toolkit, Developer Documentation and Help System, and Visual Studio Editor. So for license issue, the Microsoft licensing specialist could provide more detailed information for you. Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,

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    Monday, May 16, 2016 1:59 AM