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  • Hi,

    I am looking for information on how to set the website general settings through powershell cmdlets. When I create a new Website through gallery and choose Apache Tomcat 7 it default selects the .net framework. I would like to set those off and use Java version . 

    Don't see any commands to set that default while creating a website. 

    Also, how can I set an already available SSL certificate and Traffic manager end point to my new website using powershell cmdlets.

    Thanks in Advance.


    Sunday, January 25, 2015 9:53 PM


  • Hi Trupt,

    Thanks for your posting!

    Parameter Set: Default
    Set-AzureWebsite [[-Name] <String> ] [[-SiteWithConfig] <SiteWithConfig> ] [-AppSettings <Hashtable> ] [-AutoSwapSlotName <String> ] [-ConnectionStrings <ConnStringPropertyBag> ] [-DefaultDocuments <String[]> ] [-DetailedErrorLoggingEnabled <Boolean> ] [-HandlerMappings <HandlerMapping[]> ] [-HostNames <String[]> ] [-HttpLoggingEnabled <Boolean> ] [-ManagedPipelineMode <ManagedPipelineMode> ] [-Metadata <List<NameValuePair>> ] [-NetFrameworkVersion <String> ] [-NumberOfWorkers <Int32> ] [-PassThru] [-PhpVersion <String> ] [-RequestTracingEnabled <Boolean> ] [-RoutingRules <List<RoutingRule>> ] [-Slot <String> ] [-SlotStickyAppSettingNames <List<String>> ] [-SlotStickyConnectionStringNames <List<String>> ] [-Use32BitWorkerProcess <Boolean> ] [-WebSocketsEnabled <Boolean> ] [ <CommonParameters>]

    Base on my experience, You can use set-Azurewebsite to set the website setting. But we cannot enable the Java via powershell. Also, we cannot set SSL and TM using powershell. But you can enable Java on Azure portal configuration panel.

    Also, you can try to use Azure REST API to change the website configuration:

    You could refer to this blog about call REST API on Powershell .





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