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    A friend of mine has an website on a server of a commercial Webhost. He asked me to do a change to the index.htm file. I did that using Frontpage and published it to the remote server. It asked me if I wanted to replace the existing index.htm file and I answered of course 'yes'. It all seem to be going well and no problem occured at all.
    And before I change the file I went into the website by writing the domain name in the addess field of Internet Explorer and the website turned up without any problem. But after the replacement of ONLY the index.htm file on the remote server of the commercial webhost I got this error message in Internet Explorer when I tried to open it by writing the domain name in the adress field again:

    HTTP Error 5009.19 - Internal Server Error
    The request page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.

    Module: IIS Web Core
    Notification: Unknown
    Handler: Not yet determined
    Error Code: 0x80070003
    Config Error: Cannot read configuration file
    Config File: \\?\H:\wwwroot\w146186\www\web.config

    Is this a problem on the internal server of the commercial Webhost? I don't have a local server on my PC so I can't understand that it is my non-existing internal server it is referring to.

    If it's a problem on my PC, why can't I reach the website from another computer that I have in another room in the house? Do you believe that Frontpage has transferred some other files together with the index.htm as well? On another PC, I have installed Dreamweaver, and I set the ftp.adress, username and password and then ran a test. I got a message that Dreamweaver connected to the Webhost's server successfully. I then checked the index.htm file on the remote server and it was the same index.htm file that I had made the change to. So it seems that the filetransfer went successfully, but that something was messing up the remote server during this transfer. Is it possible to mess up the location of the files on the remote server when the ftp.adress, username and password is correct?


    Saturday, October 30, 2010 2:51 PM