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  • I have succeeded to setup and build an OS Design with Platform Builder 2013. All necessary files are put to git.

    Now I want to re-build the OS design when some other guys have updated the sources in git. I update all files and want just to execute "Build"/"Rebuild Solution".

    The VS2013 allows to build from command line with this use:

    devenv [solutionfile | projectfile | anyfile.ext] [switches]

    The solution name is ABC. The OS design is in directory product and has the name ABC. So I have a directory tree similar to this:


    The BSP name is ABC1 and the Configuration Manager shows these configurations: 
    solution configuration: ABC1 X86 Release
    project configuration: ABC1 X86 Release

    I have tried to build the OS design with this command:

    \path\to\devenv ABC.sln /build "ABC1 X86 Release" /project ABC1 /projectconfig "ABC1 X86 Release"

    But devenv always shows an usage message describing that I have to pass the arguements as shown above. I made some variations while omitting options. But the OS design is never built.

    How do you run an unattended build?


    Friday, February 6, 2015 10:06 AM