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  • We have a rather old native application that uses a custom OFT form for contacts. The old form used VBScript to interface with a local server (actually a local EXE that implements a COM interface). This process worked up until a recent security patch in June of 2017, and this rendered the script useless unless we fall back to an earlier version of Outlook. We have lots (and I mean a huge EXE)  of existing code in place with our local executable (Com interface implemented in the EXE), that we do not want to re-write if possible. So the goal is to migrate the form to something else, thus keeping the existing standalone executable code in place. The reasonable solution, which I have done many, is to create an extension with a form region. The issue is that most of our existing customers do not want to install any add-in in outlook. So how would I implement a form region or any other solution outside of the Outlook process? Can I create a form region in a local server? I would think it would have been possible in earlier versions of windows such as XP. So my questions are…

    1. Can I create a form region in an executable and interface with Outlook? I am questioning if it is possible anymore.
    2. Does anybody have any suggestions on the easiest way to take and old OFT file with VBScript and convert it to something else? Anything but an add-in

    We are looking for a path with minimal work to get something to our customers in a relatively short time span.Long term we are working on another .NET solution. But we need something quickly for the short term.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    Friday, September 8, 2017 12:38 AM

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