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  • I currently display HTML report documents in a CHtmlView.

    In Windows 10 OS, currently I'm printring directly to the "Microsoft Print to PDF" using the following code :
    //sets the printer name of the default printer for the current user on the local computer.
    SetDefaultPrinter(_T("Microsoft Print to PDF"));
    //Print command - without prompting the user.
    Note that m_pWndHtml is CHtmlView object. 

    However this will prompt user for location+filename. 
    I would like to programmatically control this from C++ to not prompt for the PDF filename but save to a specific filename in some folder that I provide.
    Would it be possible to accomplish that??
    Unless it would be possible to specify the name of the file before calling m_pWndHtml->ExecWB?

    I would like for my C++ code to call an API(or a printer) that would let me automatically generate/create PDFs from my HTML documents to a specific file and location (which I will pass as a parameter to the API method) without any prompt/dialogs to the user.

    This question is a Follow-up on the following one:

    Thank You.


    Monday, February 15, 2016 4:04 PM


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