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  • Hi,

    We have created a sample project server workflow which is to work as follows:
    First stage is set and waiting for input.When requestor submits it moves to a review stage where approval is needed.
    On atleast one approval it moves to next review stage else rejected stage.

    We have used the code form sample proposal available solution.When we have deployed it works as follows:

    First stage is coming correctly and waiting for input. When user submit, it moves correctly to next stage and a task got created for approval.
    When click on the task title, we are getting a pop up window with task details and Edit button.

    On clicking on edit, getting below Approval/ Reject pop up.When Approved, status changes to completed and % complete is 100%.

    But we have noticed that TaskResults["Approved"] is null even after the task is approved.
    So even after it is approved, it moves to rejected stage instead of next review stage.

    I am not sure why TaskResults["Approved"] is null after approval? Please help to proceed.

    One more issue we are facing which is related to the approval group.
    When we are using the default Portfolio Manager group (public Guid portfolioManagers = new Guid("c18b1372-24a4-4c4e-b8ac-c9ac7ad5037a");), the workflow is working as mentioned above.
    But if I am changing the guid given above with guid of a custom group(having rights similar to default portfolioManagersgroup), the workflow just retains in the first stage itself, even after the user submit the first stage.

    Please help..

    Thanks, Lovely

    Tuesday, August 28, 2012 8:23 AM

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  • Hi,

    How do you assign the task var?

    private voidCheckRevision(objectsender, ConditionalEventArgse)


    ifElseBranchActivity Sender = (IfElseBranchActivity)sender;

    Microsoft.Office.Workflow.Actions.OfficeTaskofficeTask = Sender.Parent.Parent.Parent asMicrosoft.Office.Workflow.Actions.OfficeTask;

    if(officeTask.TaskResults["Approved"] != null)

    { isApproved = true;e.Result = true;}



    isApproved = false; e.Result = false;}


    Pay attention to the value ''Approved'', if you have a different language installation, you will need to change it appropiately.

    Friday, September 7, 2012 8:27 AM