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  • Hi all,


    I have an application that draws on values stored in an SQL database.  The application works fine and you can publish and distribute it without any problems. 


    I have always just published my applications in the past by simply clicking publish in VB2005 and the program does all the work for you.  It creates a self installer that easily installs the application on to the end users computer.


    However, recently i have been looking into setup projects to install my applications on the end users computer.  Im running into some problems with this process.


    I can get the setup project to install my application with no problems onto the users computer, but when the installed application tries to access some data from the database an exception is thrown.  I cant actually tell whats wrong since it works when i debug it in VB2005 but from my experience it generally means im trying to access something that isnt there. i.e. it cant find the database, the datatables are empty or the connection string is missing or incorrect.


    My theory is that i haven't configured my setup project correctly.  The database is being copied over but perhaps the program is looking in the wrong location for it?  I dont know.


    Anyone got any suggestions?





    Monday, June 4, 2007 9:17 AM