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  • So the title pretty much says it all. In the app list in the metro screen it has a 40x40 icon which is basically a 30x30 icon surrounded by a 5px black border (total of 40x40). I've set all the icons in visual studio that I think relate (everything except wide, square 310, and badge) and every size of them but it still has the border. Can anyone help me out?

    Wednesday, July 16, 2014 3:14 AM


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    Monday, July 28, 2014 6:47 PM
  • With all due respect to Jonathan, I think I understand JacksonHall's question and there is a simple answer.

    The icon that appears in the metro app list is indeed a 30x30 image. In Visual Studio, select this by double clicking on Package.appxmanifest in the solution explorer (as JacksonHall had done). Use the Visual Assets tab to see the various images that can be provided.

    On the metro screen, ALL the icons have a border around them. The color of the border is specified in Package.appxmanifest. In the manifest editor, set the Background color.

    The SplashScreen has its own BackgroundColor.

    Windows Phone apps work the same way.

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