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  • I've reinstalled the Samsung //build slate with the Windows 8 Release Candidate, but I've been having issues with the input. As far as I can tell it has to do with the bluetooth adapter, but I'm not totally sure. There isn't any information in the eventlog to help support my claim, but since turning off power management on the adapter the number of freezes has gone down.

    First, these are the symptoms:

    • In the middle of normal operation the keyboard input freezes. It looks like the connection between the keyboard and the tablet is severed.
    • At this point the mouse and touch are seemingly still operational.
    • Usually the Windows explorer bar (in classic desktop) is the first to stop accepting input. Any hover, click or tap is ignored.
    • The Charm bar keeps working, so does home-power.
    • Once I'm on the start menu I can still select tiles (right click or slide down), but no application will open
    • Once I'm in the home-power menu no tap or click is accepted so I can't power down or  start the task manager
    • I can open the settings tab from the charm bar, but input then stops working and I can't open the power/shutdown option.
    • At this point usually the mouse and tap also start failing. Charm bar fails to open.
    • Music keeps playing, any animations on the start menu keep working. I haven't tried to remote desktop into the slate when it's in this state, but I almost expect it to be working just fine.
    • Mouse will show a turning donut and after some more time and a short 'ping' from the speakers will stop completely as well.

    Once at this point only a power-hold shut down is available. After a restart there is no information in the eventlog which might explain the issues.

    I'd very much like to solve this. When I'm not using a bluetooth keyboard I haven't been able to reproduce the issue, and since it's the first to go I expect the issue to be in that area. I really like the bluetooth connection though, since it doesn't require a nano receiver.

    I've tried the latest broadcom drivers from their support site and I have a feeling the problems occur less often, but they still occur nonetheless.

    It looks like the chances of the freeze happening are the greatest when the slate has gone into hibernation/deep sleep and is then turned on again. First everything works fine, then the above happens.

    Power management settings

    Driver version

    I'm open to suggestions at this point.

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    Thursday, June 7, 2012 2:06 PM


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