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  • Good Morning Experts,
    I  have just discovered that I can no longer use Outlook's code behind the form that uses vb-script as the underlying programming environment. I have been building custom forms for various people,small offices, and Healthcare companies since code behind the form with vb-script began in 1997. I have been out of the loop for a few years because  of various disabilities. The last time I created forms for an entity was in Outlook 2013. Fast forward six years and I've discovered that even-though the choose/design developer form is still available,it  wont fire off the Item_Open function which is where my vb-script code goes. However I suspect that even if I put code outside of the Item_Open function it still wouldn't work. To prove this, I tried the following code snippet: (I have submitted screen shots of the process)

    The Result should have been a simple message that said "helloinside"

    You will notice that I kept it simple. I took out the actual code that was supposed to run to test my theory about the Item_Open function simply not firing. Here are some helpful (hopefully) articles that I have researched on the internet ,that speak to the Item_Open Function:

    The links speak to the problem being fixed as early as 2017, but I still have the same problem, the Item_Open function will not trigger with even the simplelest of code snippet: "helloinside"

    It should be noted that Outlook 2013 still works as advertised. All other versions of Outlook (2016,2019) have the issue of not triggering the function. I have not tried code behind the form with Office365's Outlook application. I would hate to tell my client that they have to go to Office365 to take advantage of code behind the form.

    I hope that I have been as thorough as can be explained with my problem.This is a high priority for me, so thank you in advance for your anticipated responses.

    Regis T. Hyde (BlackThanos)

    Monday, November 11, 2019 8:01 PM