Follow Up Start Date and Due Date Using EWS 2010 RRS feed

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    I am using EWS2010 trying to set follow up flag along with the mail. But not able to set Follow Up Start time and Due time along with it

    My Code is as follows

    PathToExtendedFieldType PR_Flag_Status = new PathToExtendedFieldType();
                PR_Flag_Status.PropertyTag = "0x1090";             
                PR_Flag_Status.PropertyType = MapiPropertyTypeType.Integer;
                email.ExtendedProperty[2] = new ExtendedPropertyType();
                email.ExtendedProperty[2].ExtendedFieldURI = PR_Flag_Status;
                email.ExtendedProperty[2].Item = "2";

    PathToExtendedFieldType PR_Flag_DtSt = new PathToExtendedFieldType();
                PR_Flag_DtSt.PropertyTag = "0x8105";
                PR_Flag_DtSt.PropertyName = "";
                //PR_Flag_DtSt.PropertySetId = "00062008-0000-0000-C000-000000000046";
                //PR_Flag_DtSt.PropertyIdSpecified = true;
                PR_Flag_DtSt.PropertyType = MapiPropertyTypeType.SystemTime;
                email.ExtendedProperty[3] = new ExtendedPropertyType();
                email.ExtendedProperty[3].ExtendedFieldURI = PR_Flag_DtSt;
                email.ExtendedProperty[3].Item = DateTime.Now.AddHours(-4).ToString("yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ssZ");

    Can you please help me how to set Start Time and Due time?

    Thursday, April 5, 2012 6:07 AM