Creating a site to site IP sec VPN tunnel between website and a Watchguard VPN device of third party RRS feed

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  • I am currently working on a website for a utility company who are required to contact a third party called secure meters in order to retrieve the top up voucher code for pay as you go customers at time of topping up. Secure Meters only support site to site IP sec VPN tunnel via a Watchguard VPN device which is set up for static routing.

    I had initially planned to launch the website as an azure website but given the limitations of connecting azure websites only to vpn devices that are set up for dynamic routing I must seek an alternative solution.

    It has been suggested that I could possible create a VNET and host my website on a VM from within this on IIS and then connect this VM to Secure Meters via the VPN tunnel but I am unsure as to how to do this and would appreciate some tips on how this could be achieved. If I am looking to set up the VNET does it have to be connected to my local network? Is there no means of simply creating the website on IIS on this VM and then connecting this website to Secure Meters without linking my local network?

    Thursday, May 14, 2015 11:55 AM