Exceptions being raised by the UIA WaitForInputIdle() Method


  • I work for team trying to extend our automated test capability, and we're leveraging the Microsoft accessibility libraries. We use the native Windows UIA libraries (, but have encountered some issues.

    One of the issues is that the Window Pattern Method (WaitForWindowIdle()) always throws an exception, yet the page seems to indicate that it should be fully supported. The Exception method thrown always has the message:

    "The method or operation is not implemented"

    In my code, I check to make sure that the automation element supports the window pattern prior to retrieving the window pattern and calling this method.

    If the window is idle and ready for input, then calling WaitForInputIdle() will throw the exception immediately.

    If the window is busy, then it will actually block the calling thread until the application becomes ready, then throws the exception.

    I've been running this with .Net 4.0 Framework and on a Windows 7 platform. I assumed it would be fully supported.

    If anyone has been able to use this method properly and not get these exceptions, I'd much appreciate it if they could please share how they went about it. I don't have problems with most of the other patterns and methods.



    Tuesday, June 25, 2013 2:24 AM