SQL command not properly ended


  • I am working in visual studio 2008 with C# and, the company i work for has SQL and oracle databases. The SQL databases have all the proper queries and are working great, but now i am trying to connect to the oracle database.

    here is my code:

    string oracleConnString = "Provider=MSDAORA;Data Source=WHS01_d;Password=;User ID=TSODashboard_Read";
       /* Return all Unclosed Changes from Time to Now */
       string strSQL = "select * from helpq.changerequest" +
           "where daterequested >= to_date('05/01/2010','mm/dd/yyyy') and daterequested < sysdate and actualdone is null;";
       OleDbConnection objConnect = new OleDbConnection(oracleConnString);
       OleDbCommand objCommand = new OleDbCommand(strSQL, objConnect);
       OleDbDataAdapter objAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter(objCommand);
       DataSet objDataSet = new DataSet();
       string tickets = objDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[0][1].ToString();

    But everytime i run it i get this error: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended

    I have not written queries in oracle before so i have no idea why it is not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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  • Hello Ben,

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