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    i have windows form application where i need to save the values of a checkedlistbox into a SQL database using LINQ. The only problem is i have no idea how. I tried some code, search on the internet. But notting. I hope you can help me.

                foreach (int indexchecked in checkedListBoxGraad.CheckedIndices)
                    int telgraad = indexchecked + 1;
                    GraadLeerkrachten graden = new GraadLeerkrachten
                        GLkID = Convert.ToInt32(telgraad.ToString())
                Nascholing nascholing = new Nascholing
                    VID = Convert.ToInt32(listBoxVakken.SelectedValue),
                    SoortNSID = Convert.ToInt32(listBoxSoortNascholing.SelectedValue),
                    NsSoortAlID = Convert.ToInt32(listBoxAlgemeen.SelectedValue)

                    // Save the change to the database.

                    // Display the old and new postal code.
                // Detect any concurrency problems.
                catch (ChangeConflictException CCE)
                    // Display the conflict information.
                    // Resolve the conflict.

    I tried to loop through my listitem. But doesn't seem to work, i can't reach the variable "graden" when i"m out of the foreach loop.

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  • Hello,

    You could follow the steps below to insert values of a checkedlistbox into database using the code snippet above:
     1. Open Visual Studio and create a Windows Forms application
     2. Drag and drop a CheckedListBox and a Button control from ToolBox to the default Form1
     3. right click the CheckedListBox control and select Properties
     4. named it as checkedListBoxGraad
     5. right click project name and selece Add|New Item..|Visual C# Items|Data|LINQ to SQL Classes
     6. Give it a name and click Add button
        (you may need to follow up the wizzard to create a database connect if you don't have)
     7. Drag and drop tables from Server Explorer (View->Server Explorer)
     8. Add the following code snippet in the button Click event

    TestDBDataContext db = new TestDBDataContext();
    foreach (int index in checkedListBox1.CheckedIndices)
      // this is different according to the database you use.
    Task t = new Task { TaskId = index + 100, Name = "new task", IsComplete = false }; db.Tasks.InsertOnSubmit(t); db.SubmitChanges(); } MessageBox.Show("it's done....");

     Please have a try and let me know the result.

    By the way, here is a linq to sql tutorial, I believe it could help you:
    Also, there are many linq to sql sample here:

    Best regards

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