Merge Agent job failure intermittently RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    Intermittently on of the servers, merge agent job is failing intermittently. Job runs every day once and some days it fails with below error.

    I am planning to enable verbose logging by specifying -Output C:\Temp\OUTPUTFILE.txt -Outputverboselevel 4

    let me know any other things I can test

    Step ID 1
    Server XXXX
    Job Name XXXX
    Step Name Run agent.
    Duration 00:00:19
    Sql Severity 0
    Sql Message ID 0
    Operator Emailed
    Operator Net sent
    Operator Paged
    Retries Attempted 0

    -XParentProcessHandle 0000000000000490
    2013-05-31 12:45:03.020 Connecting to Subscriber 'XXXX'
    2013-05-31 12:45:05.270 Connecting to Subscriber 'XXXX'
    2013-05-31 12:45:06.348 The upload message to be sent to Publisher 'Publsiher_Server' is being generated
    2013-05-31 12:45:06.379 The merge process is using Exchange ID '4B753726-7926-4412-AB76-DDF019E85C1C' for this web synchronization session.
    2013-05-31 12:45:19.832 The server name or address could not be resolved

    2013-05-31 12:45:19.942 Category:NULL
    Source: Merge Process
    Number: -2147209497
    Message: The server name or address could not be resolved

    2013-05-31 12:45:19.957 Category:NULL
    Source: Merge Process(Web Sync Client)
    Number: -2147023888
    Message: The Merge Agent could not connect to the URL 'https://webserver/path/SQLRep//replisapi.dll' during Web synchronization. Please verify that the URL, Internet login credentials and proxy server settings are correct and that the Web server is reachable.

    Wednesday, June 5, 2013 7:54 AM