Is Linq to Entities faster in c# than RRS feed

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  • Why the same linq to entities query is faster in c# than in

    from propiedad in typeof(Rectangle).GetProperties()
     join dupla in new Tuple<string, int>[]
                {new Tuple<string, int>("X", 20),
                new Tuple<string, int>("Y", 30),
                new Tuple<string, int>("Width", 150),
                new Tuple<string, int>("Height", 90)} 
     on propiedad.Name equals dupla.Item1
     select new
             {Property = propiedad,
             Value = dupla.Item2}

    from propiedad in GetType(Rectangle).GetProperties() _
     join dupla in New Tuple(Of String, Integer)() _
                    {New Tuple(Of String, Integer)("X", 20), _
                    New Tuple(Of String, Integer)("Y", 30), _
                    New Tuple(Of String, Integer)("Width", 150), _
                    New Tuple(Of String, Integer)("Height", 90)} _
     on propiedad.Name equals dupla.Item1
     select new with _
             {.Property = propiedad, _
             .Value = dupla.Item2}

    the first query, consumes around 0.009 secs in comparison the second query cosumes around 0.0012 secs.

    Besides if you assigns both queries to a variable, let's say "properties" the generated type of this variable is different between them:

    the first query: 






    System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<<>f__AnonymousType0<System.Reflection.PropertyInfo,int>> {System.Linq.Enumerable.JoinIterator<System.Reflection.PropertyInfo,System.Tuple<string,int>,string,<>f__AnonymousType0<System.Reflection.PropertyInfo,int>>}

    the second query: 

    Name         Value                        type  

    properties    query in memory      <enumerable type>

    Theses variations fairly affect, because you'll get different results when processing "properties" variable; and that's no good to code with confidence.

    thanks in advance for yours comments respecting this stuff.

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  • Hi Jesus_M1,

    >>Is Linq to Entities faster in c# than

    As far as I know, whatever or c# will be compiled as IL language. So I don't think that Linq to Entities faster in c# than

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    Cole Wu

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    Wednesday, March 1, 2017 9:36 AM
  • C# is not inherently faster. Both languages generate to IL and run on the CLR. For most features they even generate the same IL. I do not think there should be a performance difference with a LINQ to Entities query in C# or VB.NET.

    william xifaras

    Friday, March 10, 2017 8:06 PM