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  • Hi,

    we have a requirement that, User want to get rid of unused sites in farm. we know there will be more (thousands of )unused sites which are not used from last few year. Is is possible to get report of all these unused sites?

    Before I post this thread I worked on this issue and tried with multiple approaches but nothing is providing concrete solutions still yet.

    In the farm there are custom and SharePoint default timer job which keep update SP content.


    1:Microsoft provide few properties to get last modified date of SP web and SPList. So I had used SPWeb.LastContentModifiedDate & SPList.LastItemModifiedDate  property in powershell to determine the last time the site or list was modified, but it is not reliable for retrieving the date of the last site or list item modified.
    For few cases we can't able to judge the date provided by above two properties are accurate or not.
    Case-1: there are few list which keeps get modified even there is no item (empty list).
    Case-2:  there are few cases where Items last modified in 2014 but  SPList.LastItemModifiedDate shows list modified 2 month ago even though no one has change any property of  list.

    2.Site Storage Matrices:don't know much about this option. 
    3.Audit Log Report:Auditing is off because it have high affect to performance. we can't proceed with this option.
    4.Site usage report:report data is not reliable for us because In usage report I found in last 2-3 month there is no user hits logged but two properties (SPWeb.LastContentModifiedDate & SPList.LastItemModifiedDate) shows last modified on current date.

    Please suggest what approach would be better in above case? 

    Tuesday, February 7, 2017 6:06 AM

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