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  • Hi there,


    I am using MSP 2007.  I had a question regarding Task Usage View.

    A task is supposed to take around 50days to complete, and I have set the calendar accordingly for 22 working days in a month.

    I have also added the column for Remaining work.  Why is it that when I start changing the number of days per week for that task, the Remaining work field does not change.  Also, how can I get MSP to change the value for me when I increase of decrease the number of days per week.  Normally the more days you work on a project the quicker it should finish, right?  But that does not reflect on the Task Usage view.

    An example is:


    The task is 65% complete.  and the remaining days to complete the task is 30days and the finish date is 10 Nov 2010.  And we are at the current date, which is 01 Aug 2010.  That leaves us with 3 months (66 days).  So If my resource is available to work for 30 days non stop, the project should finish before 10 Nov 2010.  But Project does not allow me to allocate those 30 days non stop to the task and end the task earlier than planned and also like I said, the remaining days of work does not change when I increase the number of days to be worked.


    Please help with this.  Much appreciated.


    Thanks a lot!



    Sunday, August 1, 2010 7:12 PM


  • Hi,

    You sufer from a misunderstanding here.

    When you chaneg the "days per month" or "Hours per week" settings you do NOT, absolutely noy, change working times. The only thing you change is whenever you set a value in months, that will be converted into days according to your setting; and when you enter a number of weeks, that is converted according to this setting. Do be aware that internally Project ONLY knows the minute as its time unit so all other units must be converted, hence the settings for the conversion.

    If you want to change the working time go to tools, change working time, and change the working time (probably by changing the settings for work weeks).

    Also read on this subject Faq 5: default working hours.

    And BTW, since your question has absolutely no relation to customisation or programming, in the future you better post in the general forum for MS Project.





    Sunday, August 1, 2010 7:40 PM