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  • I can not install it in a separate volume except ''C'' ,(after shrink a volume with 25 GB size) and my system gives a message in the boot menu :{windows can not be installed.The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation.
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  • This may seem overly simple, and forgive me if I misunderstood the question. If you are trying to install it on Drive X, it appears that partition already has some type of dynamic formatting on it. Assuming that drive X has no information you need to keep on it, my solution would be to delete the partition at drive X, which you can do in advanced drive options at the beginning of windows setup, then tell WDP to install in the unallocated free space you just created by deleting the partition. (If the partition shows logical drives within it, you may have to delete those first before you can delete the partition.) This can all be done during setup. I don't know if Microsoft has put in a minimum disk size rule that has to be met, but 25 gigs isn't a lot of space for vista, 7, or WDP. I have WDP installed on a 50 gig partition. If your hard drive was OEM installed, drive X may be a factory restore partition. If you didn't create it, that would be my guess. (Although I wouldn't expect it to be 99% free space if that was the case.) I deleted that off of a hp laptop I had 2 days after I got it. It's usually there to create factory restore disks on blank media, and can be deleted after doing that. If I'm chasing the wrong train here, please excuse me.

    A little extra info, in case it helps... I used a free utility called Boot-it NG, which is a very small iso that can be burned to make a bootable CD, to resize the storage partition at the end of my disk. (I don't keep my personal files on a windows partition.) I then used the same utility to create a 50 gig HPFS/NTFS partition in the new free space. I then restarted with the windows installer disc and had no trouble at all installing on the new partition. Caution: If you delete a partition, make sure it's not the one that contains the MBR or BCD store for installed operating systems. Did that once accidentally. Had to reinstall 2 versions of windows and 1 version of linux.
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