Report is blank when zoomed in RRS feed

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  • I recently converted the VB 2008 project to VB 2010. One of the reports has the strangest problem at run time. If I set report to view at 100% or any other % - report is blank at run time. However - once I press Print layout - data is showing just fine and fits on the page. This report has one parameter. I also tried to make width smaller - makes no difference. As a work around I tried to set the report to have Print Layout as display mode and the report shows data, but I don't like the idea of users depressing Print layout and freak out that there is no data on the report. As I mentioned - I just converted the reports to newer version, no changes were made and report was showing just fine in prior version. Did anybody experience similar problem? Please advise!

    Alla Sanders

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012 4:06 PM