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    Hi everyone,

    I  want to load the ISAPI filter in Windows Server 2003.

    Problem is that: i write a simple filter which Authenticate the user from its domain. This filter is working fine in the case of WindowsXP, but when i apply same filter on windows server 2003 this filter is not able to load.

    Is there any special setting for server 2003?. 

    I'm working with IIS 5.1

    please help me out from this problem!

    Thanks in Advance,



    Monday, November 26, 2007 4:38 AM

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  • User992832608 posted

    thanks thomad

    thanks thomad,

    I read it complete and found nothing wrong with my dll. there is no depandcy. I read following lines from net and i thing this is main issue: 

    "IIS 6 is a lot closer to "secure by default," with ISAPI extensions and filters disabled unless you specifically enable them yourself. In addition, most IIS functionality runs within a very low privileged security context; in IIS 5 and earlier versions, security holes in ISAPI extensions or filters could allow malicious code to run as SYSTEM."

    Tell me if u know that how can i enable ISAPI filter in IIS 6. by default it is disable.





    Tuesday, November 27, 2007 8:06 AM
  • User511787461 posted

    There is no enabling for ISAPI filters (only extensions) - can you post the complete event details as asked for in the blog post thomas pointed to.

    Tuesday, November 27, 2007 12:15 PM
  • User992832608 posted

    thnaks on your responce but i come to know from this link that we can also enable ISAPI filter. i perform all the steps which are mention.

    but still not enable,


    any more help in this regard




    Thursday, November 29, 2007 3:08 AM
  • User511787461 posted

    We cannot help you if you do not provide the information asked - please read my message above again.

    Thursday, November 29, 2007 8:44 AM
  • User992832608 posted

    OK anilr,

    The thing is that i use this ISAPI Filter to Authenticate the use from different domain. This filter work perfectly on windows xp but when i apply same filter on Windows Server 2003 IIS send me error.

    here is the application error:
    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: Application Error
    Event Category: (100)
    Event ID: 1000
    Date: 11/29/2007
    Time: 6:51:32 PM
    User: N/A
    Computer: VPC37

    Faulting application w3wp.exe, version 6.0.3790.1830, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.2.3790.1830, fault address 0x0002f350.

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at



    0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74   Applicat
    0008: 69 6f 6e 20 46 61 69 6c   ion Fail
    0010: 75 72 65 20 20 77 33 77   ure  w3w
    0018: 70 2e 65 78 65 20 36 2e   p.exe 6.
    0020: 30 2e 33 37 39 30 2e 31   0.3790.1
    0028: 38 33 30 20 69 6e 20 6e   830 in n
    0030: 74 64 6c 6c 2e 64 6c 6c   tdll.dll
    0038: 20 35 2e 32 2e 33 37 39    5.2.379
    0040: 30 2e 31 38 33 30 20 61   0.1830 a
    0048: 74 20 6f 66 66 73 65 74   t offset
    0050: 20 30 30 30 32 66 33 35    0002f35
    0058: 30                        0      

    Please help me out from this error 



    Thursday, November 29, 2007 9:39 AM
  • User511787461 posted

    That means your filter is probably crashing - you will need to attach a debugger to the worker process to get to the bottom of this.  You can use DebugDiag to easily collect a crash dump etc.

    Thursday, November 29, 2007 4:13 PM
  • User992832608 posted
    Anilr I am really very thankful to u  on your suggestion about the DebugDiag. I install it and run in following way:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p><o:p> </o:p><o:p> </o:p>1.   

      I open Debug Diagnostics Tool 1.0 (Start -> All Programs -> IIS Diagnostics (x86) -> Debug Diagnostics Tool)

    <o:p></o:p>2.      On the Rules tab, click "Add Rule"<o:p></o:p>3.      Select "Crash" option and click "Next"<o:p></o:p>4.      Select "All IIS Processes+ COM" option and click "Next"<o:p></o:p>5.      Under "Advanced Settings", click "Breakpoints"<o:p></o:p>6.      Click "Add Breakpoint"<o:p></o:p>7.     Select "KERNEL32!ExitProcess" in the "Offset Expression" list.<o:p></o:p>8.     Change "Action Type" to "Full User Dump" <o:p></o:p>9.     Click "Add Breakpoint"<o:p></o:p>10.  Select "Kernel32!TerminateProcess" in the "Offset Expression" list.<o:p></o:p>11.  Change "Action Type" to "Full User Dump"<o:p></o:p>12.  Click "Save and Close"<o:p></o:p>13.  Click "Next", "Next" and "Finish"<o:p></o:p>14.  Ensure the status of Debug Diagnostic tool "Active"<o:p></o:p>15.   Wait for the issue to occur.<o:p></o:p>16.   analyze it, go to the Debug Diagnostic Tool once again, and click  "Advanced Analysis" tab.<o:p></o:p>17.   Click "Add Data Files" and browse to the dump file(w3wp__PID__1612__Date__12_03_2007__Time_01_17_52PM__697__Kernel32!ExitProcess.dmp)<o:p></o:p>18.   click "Start Analysis"<o:p></o:p>19.   It might take some time to analyze dump file(w3wp__PID__1612__Date__12_03_2007__Time_01_17_52PM__697__Kernel32!ExitProcess.dmp).<o:p></o:p>20.   when analysis is complete it create a .mht file with following Summary message. <o:p></o:p><o:p> </o:p>
    <?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><v:shapetype id=_x0000_t75 stroked="f" filled="f" path="m@4@5l@4@11@9@11@9@5xe" o:preferrelative="t" o:spt="75" coordsize="21600,21600"><v:stroke joinstyle="miter"></v:stroke><v:formulas><v:f eqn="if lineDrawn pixelLineWidth 0"></v:f><v:f eqn="sum @0 1 0"></v:f><v:f eqn="sum 0 0 @1"></v:f><v:f eqn="prod @2 1 2"></v:f><v:f eqn="prod @3 21600 pixelWidth"></v:f><v:f eqn="prod @3 21600 pixelHeight"></v:f><v:f eqn="sum @0 0 1"></v:f><v:f eqn="prod @6 1 2"></v:f><v:f eqn="prod @7 21600 pixelWidth"></v:f><v:f eqn="sum @8 21600 0"></v:f><v:f eqn="prod @7 21600 pixelHeight"></v:f><v:f eqn="sum @10 21600 0"></v:f></v:formulas><v:path o:connecttype="rect" gradientshapeok="t" o:extrusionok="f"></v:path><o:lock aspectratio="t" v:ext="edit"></o:lock></v:shapetype><v:shape id=Icon_Results style="VISIBILITY: visible; WIDTH: 8.25pt; HEIGHT: 8.25pt; mso-wrap-style: square" type="#_x0000_t75" alt="mhtml:file://C:\Program%20Files\DebugDiag\Reports\CrashHang_Report__PID_1612__12032007141252765.mht!res/bulletpoint.gif" o:spid="_x0000_i1026"><v:imagedata o:title="bulletpoint" src="file:///C:\DOCUME~1\Asim\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image001.gif" mce_src="file:///C:\DOCUME~1\Asim\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image001.gif"></v:imagedata></v:shape><o:p></o:p>
    Analysis Summary <o:p></o:p>
    Type<o:p></o:p> Description<o:p></o:p> Recommendation<o:p></o:p>
    <v:shape id=Picture_x0020_2 style="VISIBILITY: visible; WIDTH: 12pt; HEIGHT: 12pt; mso-wrap-style: square" type="#_x0000_t75" alt="mhtml:file://C:\Program%20Files\DebugDiag\Reports\CrashHang_Report__PID_1612__12032007141252765.mht!res/information.png" o:spid="_x0000_i1025"><v:imagedata o:title="information" src="file:///C:\DOCUME~1\Asim\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image002.png" mce_src="file:///C:\DOCUME~1\Asim\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image002.png"></v:imagedata></v:shape>  Information<o:p></o:p>
    DebugDiag did not detect any known problems in w3wp__PID__1612__Date__12_03_2007__Time_01_17_52PM__697__Kernel32!ExitProcess.dmp using the current set of scripts.<o:p></o:p>
    <o:p> </o:p> I thing Error was that I was writing the log from the filter remove that junk of code . now I think this is fine no more Issue.<o:p></o:p>IIS Filter status green also shows that there is no more issue in the loading of Filter.<o:p></o:p><o:p> </o:p>But now problem is that my filter do following tasks can u suggest me Issue if anything doing wrong or because of Server 2003 security. Because same filter running 100% on Windows XP.<o:p></o:p>·         Getting values from system Registry<o:p></o:p>·         Select customer name from SQL Server 2005 Express Edition <o:p></o:p>·         Authenticate the user using LDAP<o:p></o:p>·         Writing the cookies with one day expire date<o:p></o:p><o:p> </o:p> 


    <o:p></o:p>Asim<o:p></o:p><o:p> </o:p>
    Monday, December 3, 2007 4:39 AM
  • User992832608 posted

    Thanks u all Tom Kaminski, Thomas Deml and specially Anil Ruia u people help me to much to solve my problem.

     My ISAPI Filter now Running fine in Windows Server 2003...

     Thanks once again



    Monday, December 3, 2007 10:20 AM
  • User-1850583749 posted

     Can you please tell me how you solved the problem?  I'm having the same issue.  It works fine on Windows XP and won't load on Windows 2003 Server.

    Saturday, December 8, 2007 1:53 AM