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  • By: RWBill

    I am wanting to count the number of nodes in an xml file and display that 
    number in the content of a lable.  I have bound the data to content.  In the 
    data binding dialog it allows for an alternate xpath expression.  I do not 
    seem to be able to write the xpath statement correctly.  Would you be able to 
    show how this syntax should be.
    Monday, February 18, 2008 11:47 PM


  • By: Unni Ravindranathan (MS)
    The best way to do this as far as I can think is to parse the markup -
    create a collection of objects that you want to bind against and expose a
    property in the model that you can then bind against as well. I am
    personally not a big fan on XmlDataProvider - it is only useful for very
    limited cases.

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