Export Data from CSV and store in an existing or new CSV.

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  • Two Doubts:

    I have a .csv file with the header and the content. The .csv file columns are positioned randomly.

    I need to select some columns and store in a new .csv file or an existing .csv file with selected columns and some additional default columns data.

    How can I achieve this?

    Secondly, I am using MAC. I have installed the Visual Studio but unable to connect to Azure. Is it compulsory to work on Windows or I can work on Mac also?

    Monday, February 26, 2018 12:49 PM

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  • Hi Atul,

    For scenario one, do you mean the set of columns is always the same, but the order they are in will differ between each .csv file? If the order is consistently random (and you can't control it), then you'll need to build a custom extractor (information here and here).  If the columns come in a few known orders, you can store them in different file paths and use the built in extractors, as seen in Michael's answer here.

    Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio can only be used on Windows.  However, you can also use the Azure portal, or look into Data Lake Tools for VSCode, which do work on Mac. 

    I hope this helps, and let me know if you have other questions!

    Monday, February 26, 2018 7:10 PM