IMFDXGIDeviceManager::GetVideoService return E_NOINTERFACE for ID3D11VideoContext RRS feed

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  • So I get my IMFDXGIDeviceManager setup by calling:

    UINT32 resetToken;
    ComPtr<IMFDXGIDeviceManager> deviceManager;
    if(FAILED(result = MFCreateDXGIDeviceManager(&resetToken, &deviceManager)))
    	return result;
    if(FAILED(result = deviceManager->ResetDevice(device, resetToken)))
    	return result;

    and I've locked the device manager by calling:

    if(FAILED(result = deviceManager->OpenDeviceHandle(&handle)))
    	return result;
    if(FAILED(deviceManager->LockDevice(handle, videoDevice.IID(), &videoDevice, true)))
    	return result;

    But when I try to get the ID3D11VideoContext by calling:

    if(FAILED(result = deviceManager->GetVideoService(handle, __uuidof(ID3D11VideoContext), &videoContext)))
    	return result;

    it return E_NOTINTERFACE.  Is this right?  The documentation explicity says I can request ID3D11VideoContext http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/hh447908(v=vs.85).aspx .  How am I supposed to get a reference to the ID3D11VideoContext interface?  Should I just query the ID3D11VideoContext interface off of the ID3D11DeviceContext interface?

    Any help would be appreciated,



    Wednesday, October 17, 2012 10:17 PM