how do i actually USE this buffer from StorageItemThumbnail object ? RRS feed

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  • The code is

    Windows.Storage.StorageFile.getFileFromPathAsync('C:\\Users\\Raymond Goldman\\Pictures\\Korean Artist\\photo.jpg').done(function (file) {
    file.getThumbnailAsync(Windows.Storage.FileProperties.ThumbnailMode.picturesView, 100, Windows.Storage.FileProperties.ThumbnailOptions.resizeThumbnail).then(function (file_thumbnail) {
                            var file_thumbnail = file_thumbnail;
    			//LOL, what is the next step ?

    How do I use this thumbnail object, most of it's methods returns buffers, how do I actually shows it into video tag, or better yet, just take one picture from that thumbnail into the html ?

    Saturday, July 14, 2012 11:18 PM

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