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  • We are using WES7 on embedded systems running throughout the world. We use FBWF, but are not married to it. (We had previously used XPe with EWF, with less than satisfactory results as far as time keeping was concerned.) Often, these systems do not have access to a time server, either on a LAN, Internet, or GPS. It is still important that they keep the correct time, including DST adjustments. In the past, we had just set the clock to UTC, then made the operator adjust for DST manually. We now have customer requirements that DST adjustments happen automatically. I have tried the following approaches to keeping time, and have not been satisfied with any of the results:

    1. The Microsoft-recommended approach of setting the BIOS clock to UTC. In principle, this works fine, but I have found that if the Windows clock is manually adjusted by say a couple of minutes, the adjustment does not persist after a reboot. Windows cannot adjust the BIOS clock when running in this mode. The BIOS clock must be adjusted by rebooting and going into BIOS setup. We do not put keyboards on our systems precisely because we do not want anyone getting into the BIOS settings and messing around with them.

    2. Using Reg Filter. This did not work at all. The TimeZone registry key cannot seem to be persisted using the Reg Filter.

    3. Committing changes after a DST boundary or clock change. This does not work well either, because the commit command in FBWF does not seem to commit registry changes.

    Any ideas on how I can either (A) make windows update the BIOS clock, (B) make Reg Filter work with the TimeZone key, or (C) get a batch file to commit registry changes when using FBWF? Thank you!

    Thursday, October 4, 2012 8:31 PM