basic streaming


  • HI,

    i am really new to this whole streaming proces, and my experiance is that for beginners like me, a piece of information is missing. i have been googleling for days now how to do the whole streaming part in Silverlight, but without any luck so far.

    to get into the correct direction, i have 2 very simple questions:
    - can streaming be simply done with the mediaElement?
    - do i need to create any adjustments on the server to support streaming??

    so far i just point the mediaElement source to the MP3 file on the server, and thats it. i'd expect it to be this simple, because all it needs to do is start to download it, and play what is already there...

    hopefully someone can clear some things up for me....
    thanks in advance..

    Friday, June 11, 2010 6:56 AM


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