My Hotmail account hacked, password changed, can't access for various reasons


  • Hi, My hotmail account was hacked yesterday and an email in broken English headed "WORST CASE SCENARIO NEED HELP!!!" sent to all contacts. (The email contained a ludicrous story about being robbed in a London hotel, etc and needing money.)

    They changed my password too. And my alternative email account is probably one of the ones that I can no longer access. And although I can get the city and secret question answer correct, postcodes in NZ have changed twice in the last ten years, and I've changed house... so I can't access my own hotmail account.

    Meanwhile, the hackers have access. Can someone help? The account is haynes_peter@hotmail.com.

    Thanks Peter

    PS What is CAT.NET? Why does everything have to be so difficult? I've a;lready wasted half a day of valuable time on this, and there is never any simple solution when you most need it!

    Friday, July 09, 2010 1:22 AM