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    I didn't find any appropriate forum-topic for this, that's why I ended up in here. So bear with me if it doesn't fit in here.

    I need to create a SOAP-Webservice, most problably with WCF. Important: The client isn't anything from the Windows-World (Java). The need is quite straight forward: Client (which reperesents a web-frontend) needs to sign in a customer. If successfull, the service will return a session-id. For each following call to the service, the clients needs to send this Id in the SOAP-request.

    Since the client is Java, I can forget about all the Session-possibilities in WCF as far as I could read. That's why I need an own, very simple session-manager (or memory-cache), which keeps session-ids (and other data) ready between calls. I thought of following possibilities:

    • DB-driven: I create a table and write sessions and related data in there. But I don't like it much, since it means additional DB-traffic.
    • Windows-Service, which runs in the background and can take, manage and check sessions. But there I have no experience. As far as I could read, these services have a very limited interface I can interact with, means I can't even pass any parameters, right?
    What other possibilities do I have? I think my need is really simple (in terms of PHP: session_start() ;)   .... but I really can't see right now how I am suppose to solve this?

    Thx for any advice
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  • P.s.: I use the basicHttpBinding...
    Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:58 AM
  • ok, after my thread was moved around twice by mods, but still left without any answer:

    I think my need is quite simple, but I still don't know how to implement it. All I need is a Memory-Pool (or cache) which stays up and running and is accessible by my web-service, in order to check and create session-ids (and eventually other session-related data). The DB-Driven approach I think is due to performance not a good choice.

    As I sead before, a windows service came to my mind, but after reading about it I think it is not the right solution. Any other buzzwords?


    Or, what just jumped into my mind:

    [quote]ASP.NET sessions provide a general data storage mechanism across requests.[/quote]

    Could I use ASP in order to simply organize such a session-pool? Is this wise? I don't know anything about ASP so far. But I wouldn't want to use any cookies. The session-id should be contained in the SOAP-request.

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009 1:00 PM
  • Have you considered using velocity?
    Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:44 PM