Can't create SQL reporting service


  • Hi,

    I can't seam to figure out how to create an Azure SQL reporting instance. I keep getting the error below in any hosting region...

    Failed to create the SQL reporting service XYZ-QA in West US.
    • ErrorCould not submit an operation to create SQL Reporting service XYZ-QA in West US.

    Any guidance would be very appreciated,


    Wednesday, October 30, 2013 6:13 AM


  • This issue is a global problem for all new Azure SQL Reporting users. By new I mean users who do not currently have any Azure SQL Reporting instances provisioned. This issue was investigated by Microsoft and during that investigation it was discovered that the reason why these subscriptions were unable to create new Azure SQL Reporting instances was because the upcoming retirement of the Azure SQL Reporting services took effect early for new users. Starting later today (11/4) with an Azure Management Portal update no new customers will be able provision new Azure SQL Reporting instances through the portal. However, you can contact product support ( if you'd like your subscription to be added to a list of users that will be able to use the Azure SQL Reporting services until October 31st, 2014 as an existing user. At that time the Azure SQL Reporting services in all data regions will be shut down. After today there will be additional options to request access to Azure SQL Reporting beyond calling support which we will provide on this thread when the portal update goes live.

    We wanted to make you aware of this ASAP even though the portal update disabling the feature for new users has not gone out yet so you can plan accordingly in your deployments as our recommendations are to look into migrating to on premise Reporting Services running on Windows Azure Virtual Machines (WAVMs). We will provide more information on WAVM migration strategy and corresponding documentation when the portal update goes live.

    Thanks for your patience with us and I apologize for the poor timing of this given your recent interest in Azure SQL Reporting.

    Tim Plesuk
    Microsoft SQL Server BI Support

    Monday, November 04, 2013 4:37 PM

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